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What is a glossmeter?

A glossmeter which is commonly also spelt gloss meter is an instrument which measures the reflection of gloss on a surface. Gloss itself is determined by projecting a ray of light at a fixed intensity and angle onto a surface and measuring the amount of light which is reflected.


Types of gloss meters

There are many gloss meters available on the market including those that vary in angles as well as manufacturers. Below is a list of different angled gloss meters:

  • 20-degree
  • 45-degree
  • 60-degree
  • 80-degree

All the above have a different purpose and measure gloss on different surface types.

As gloss is categorised as either matt, semi, or high gloss, it is measured at different angles depending on the surface. For example, low gloss should be measured at 20 degrees, semi-gloss at 60 degrees and high gloss at 80 degrees. This is subject to change depending on the gloss meter used for the application and the surface being measured.

Uses of a gloss meter

Many different industries require a gloss meter to measure the gloss of their products. Below we discuss the uses of this instrument in different industries:

Automotive: Helps to ensure consistency in the manufacturing process.

Electronics manufacturers: Helps to ensure that all the intended gloss standards are achieved with all their products.

Paintings and coatings industry: Helps them with the gloss intensity determination on their products.

Furniture industry: Allows the measurement of sheen intensity in products.