How do alcohol rehab centres help people dealing with addiction?

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For people dealing with alcoholism alone can be a scary, overwhelming, and lonely process, often not knowing where to start or how best to tackle the addiction. Once they have bravely admitted they are ready to deal with the problem, the choice is made whether to seek professional help or deal with it alone. Quitting alone often starts with an abrupt stop, which is very dangerous and even life-threatening if alcohol has been abused for years.  

What happens at an alcohol rehabilitation centre? 

The first stage of most alcohol rehab centres is a controlled detox program to gradually wait for all traces for alcohol to leave the system. This is done in a closely monitored environment to manage and reduce the potential physical side effects like nausea, tremors, seizures, sweating, and hallucinations.  

There is also a high focus on understanding the psychological impact of addiction and looking at potential causes or trauma that has led them to abuse alcohol. This is done via structured individual and group counselling sessions. This gives the individual time and space to openly discuss their feelings and any mental health issues such as depression which are often a big factor in alcohol addiction.  

The end goal of alcohol rehab centres is to equip the individual with the skills and coping strategies to resist the temptation to return to their previous ways and develop new healthy habits. This will hopefully result in the successful return to independent living at the end of the treatment.  

Inpatient voutpatient  

There is a choice at alcohol rehabilitation centres to enrol in inpatient or outpatient treatment. Inpatient treatment involves a 24-hour programme when the patient stays overnight at the facility permanently with no distractions. This is an intensive programme and can be more successful for someone who has a serious addiction and is very unwell.  

Outpatient treatment involves visiting the facility regularly and is best suited to those with strong, supportive family and a positive home environment. Outpatient treatment at alcohol rehab centres is considerably cheaper than inpatient and can be a good first step as an introduction to rehabilitation before committing to inpatient treatment later down the line.  

No one should deal with alcohol addiction alone. Reach out for the right support and make a positive step in the right direction.