Trademark Registration

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The Trademark Registration Process

Most business’s, be it small start-ups or global companies, know the importance of trademark registration of their goods, products or services. Registering a trademark is the process of a company protecting and identifying its distinctive products with a unique name which identifies the product as a good sold by you or your company therefore you have ownership and are protected.

Trademark registration protection is essential for any successful business as another company can potentially cut in on your profits by selling similar products or goods with your brand name or a brand name which is extremely similar. Follow our trademark registration guide step by step below to follow the trademark registration process.

5 Steps of Trademark Registration

5 Step Trademark process

Step 1: Be Unique

The name of your product or service needs to be different to what is already out there on the market. Generic or descriptive names for a product are commonly used meaning that you need to think outside the box to make sure that no one has registered that exact name or something similar before we go through to trademark registration.

Step 2: Trademark Attorney

Hiring a trademark attorney can be a key asset in the trademark registration process and your trademark protection for any business. Trademark attorneys use many research tools and software that examining attorneys do at the USPTO meaning an efficient and accurate trademark application can be made. Whether it your first trademark registration or your 5th the process can become quickly complicated but having an attorney in place will give you the knowledge to tackle any barriers there may be.

Step 3 : Trademark Search

The main reason for your trademark registration application to be rejected is that it is like an existing trademark already registered by another business. Therefore, a in depth trademark search should be conducted. This search should be focusing on researching and examining any name that like your own, be it alternate spelling, sounds alike or different formatting of the name.

Step 4: Trademark Registration with USPTO

Now the registration process begins and at this stage a lot of paperwork needs to be completed and filed so that it can be examined by USPTO. Mistakes during this application stage are the main reason for trademark delays and a badly filled out trademark registration form with constant inconsistency or incomplete application can be a reason for your trademark being rejected. This is the reason we advise you to hire a trademark attorney to address these mistakes before they are made.

Step 5: Final USPTO Application Process

Now the waiting game begins. As you can imagine there is a long list of back logged trademark registration applications so the wait for your application to be review can be a long and tedious one. It is estimated that it will take several months for your application to be reviewed, then on average it may take 8 months from the filling of the trademark application to receiving the final registration.